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Tae Kwon Do is a Korean form of martial arts. It requires the use of only hands and feet. The main goal of

Tae Kwon Do is to achieve total mind and body control.

Zen is a special discipline that unifies the body and mind by drawing in the awesome energy

(pronounced “kee” in Korean) from the earth, thus creating inner power and strength.

School Motto

Where there’s a will, there’s away. Nothing is impossible to a willing mind.

I can because I believe I can. I am smart, I am strong and I can do it.

School Rules
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1. Students must always “obey” the instructor's command.

2. You must “bow” and address the instructor or higher ranking belt as “sir or m'am”.
3. No conversation is to be conducted when training.
4. Smoking, drinking liquor, and drugs are prohibited.

Tae Kwon Do Korean Terms
  • MASTER: Kwan-jahng-neem

  • PRESIDENT: Hweh-jhang-neem

  • INSTRUCTOR: Sah-bum-neem

  • BOW: Ken-ryut

  • ATTENTION: Cha-ryut

  • READY: Choon-bee

  • BEGIN: Shee-jahk

  • STAND AT EASE: Shi-yo

  • TRAINING HALL: Do-jang

  • YELLING: Kee-yahp

  • UNIFORM: Do-bok



  • BLACKBELT: You-dahn-ja

  • TURN AROUND: Dwee-roh-doh-rah

  • HORSESTANCE: Kee-mah-jah-seh

  • FREE SPARRING POSITION: Kyuh-roo-gee-jah-seh

  • END: Gu-man

  • STOP: Bah-roh

  • TRAINING AID: Dall-yon-go

  • FRONT KICK: Up-chagi

  • SIDE KICK: Yup-chagi

  • TURN KICK: Pee-chagi

  • FORM: Hyung

Tae Kwon Do Korean Numbers

1=ha-na    2=doll    3=set    4=net    5=da-sut    6=yuh-sut    7=ill-gohp    8=yuh-dull    9=ah-hop   10=yuhl

Tae Kwon Do Aims to Achieve
Tae Kwon Do Theory of Power

1. Courtesy

2. Integrity

3. Perseverance

4. Self-Control

5. Indomitable Spirit


1. Reaction Force

2. Speed

3. Breath Control

4. Concentration

5. Equilibrium

6. Mass

Tae Kwon Do Forms & Meanings

Download a PDF version of this information here.

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