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ZMI Foundation offers a variety of programs and services that benefit the community, making it a better and safer space for everyone. Other than our After School and Summer Camp we can provide the community with:

  • Workshops that educate all members of the community on various topics (offered in-person and/or virtually)

  • Fitness classes where both the body and mind are exercised (offered in-person and/or virtually)

  • Music Lessons for anyone to learn a new instrument and/or enhance their music skills (offered in-person and/or virtually)

  • Venue Rentals for any event including meetings, birthday parties, weddings and more.

  • DJ Services from a very experienced emcee/DJ who can play at any kind of event!

Below we share all the details for the additional programs and services we offer.



ZMI Foundation Workshops are designed to teach educators, professionals, and more about different topics to develop their skills. Our ongoing dedication to individual excellence, social-emotional growth, dignity, and leadership via self-empowerment sets us apart as we seek to be one of the most comprehensive programs in Queens, NY.



All of the workshops are taught by our trained professionals and are available in English and Spanish with the help of our translator. The workshops are held in-person and/or online through Zoom. We work with different organizations to provide fun and informational discussions and activities on the following topics:


  • Accountability and Effective Communication in the Workplace

  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem in your Child

  • Bully Prevention

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Conflict Resolution and Anger Management

  • Diversity and Tolerance

  • Group Cohesion and Team Building

  • How to be Positive When the World Looks Bleak

  • Leadership

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Self-Defense/TaeKwonDo Training

  • Stress Management

Accountability and Effective Communication in the Workplace

Accountability is often viewed as a negative concept. When it is viewed as a positive team characteristic which, not only the employees/ teachers/supervisors own but also the managers/administrators/ supervisors endorse, the team works in a cohesive manner to meet the goals of the organization. When communication is effective between the boss and the employee, a relationship of psychological safety and trust is built. The concept of accountability will be explored from a positive perspective. Effective communication will be examined through actual experiences which participants will be asked to share. 

Best for: Educators and Team Leaders

Support Group


Conflict Resolution and Anger Management 

Classes are geared to help the children develop interpersonal skills, communicate more effectively with each other, tolerate others when necessary, and increase their awareness of what makes them angry and how to manage their anger. With an increased availability to view violence through video games, music videos and the Internet, it is important that the messages they receive (although sometimes seemingly innocent) are balanced with doctrines of right and wrong.

Best for: Students


Diversity and Tolerance 

Classes are geared towards students respecting and appreciating differences. Two key variables are conveyed in the program to help the students develop greater social awareness and empathic feelings.

Best for: Students, Parents, Educators, and Team Leaders

Fun at Yoga
Diverse Group Cheering


Group Cohesion and Team Building 

Training is geared towards students, parents and teachers. For the students and parents, training focuses on cultivating skill sets around a child/students’ capacity to feel connected to the group/activities they participate in. For the teachers exploring team and group concepts associated with both their interactions with students as well as with their peers.

Best for: Students, Parents, Educators, and Team Leaders


How to be Positive When the World Looks Bleak

The class is about creating a world at home and within that isn’t affected by the outside world. Taking your power back and making a choice to have peace, joy, love and happiness.

Best for: Students

All Hands In


Meditation and Mindfulness 

The key components of Meditation and Mindfulness are important in order to center oneself in their environment as well as cultivating the capacity to become a better listener. Enhances one's capacity for thoughtfulness and awareness.

Best for: Students, Parents, Educators, and Team Leaders


Stress Management 

Participants will be able to identify stressors and how/why they are present. The difference between everyday worries, anxiety and panic attacks will be discussed. Techniques such as deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation will be taught as methods to reduce and manage stress. This is an interactive workshop with writing assignments and physical exercises. 

Best for: Students, Parents, Educators, and Team Leaders


Martial Arts offers its practitioners an array of positive skills. For both the young/older students the opportunity to engage in training that cultivates a reflective disposition that will permeate their lives. Training can be conducted to learn the Art, in addition to offering dedicated certificate classes and seminars.

Best for: Everyone

Cardio Kickboxing Training 

Cardio Kickboxing is a Martial Arts inspired group fitness format that is both heart-pumping and exhilarating. Using punches and kicks from disciplines such as Karate, Muay Thai, and traditional Boxing. Group fitness participants will receive a total body workout that involves utilizing multiple muscle groups to elevate the heart rate and develop speed, agility, and quickness. Kick your stress away and improve your cardiovascular system as you do something just for you.

Best for: Everyone

Martial Arts Class


We offer year-round locations to accommodate any event including conferences, concerts, birthday parties, rehearsals, and much more. Our client-focused staff will make sure you have the finest experience possible. Our venues range from 2-person studios to 100-person venues so any event you can think of we can accommodate!

Pura Vida Hall

Holding a special occasion? We are here to provide a wonderful experience. Pura Vida Hall is perfect for large events of up to 120 guests! 

General Specs:

  • Stage

  • Chandeliers

  • LED Custom Color Accent Lighting

  • 9 Smart TVs (Matrix Video Wall)

  • Surround Sound System​

Please contact us for pricing!

Keiko Studios Hall

Our recently renovated performance space can accommodate ANY event from birthday parties and baby showers to CD release parties and live concerts for up to 60 guests!

General Specs:

  • Stage

  • 2 Smart TVs

  • Projector & Screen

  • Surround Sound System​

Please contact us for pricing!


An expert DJ is available for events including wedding receptions, business meetings, school dances, birthday parties, and other social gatherings. A memorable gathering is guaranteed by the availability of thousands of songs from every genre and time period. For your event to be successful, you need more than just music. The talented and experienced emcee/DJ will deliver a fascinating personality with just the perfect amount of interaction to guarantee that your event is full of excitement and delight beyond your wildest dreams. If you select our DJ services for your event, the dance floor will certainly be filled!

DJ on the Set
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