ZMI Foundation offers a variety of programs and services that benefit the community, making it a better and safer space for everyone. Other than our After School and Summer Camp we can provide the community with:

  • Workshops that educate all members of the community on various topics (offered in-person and/or virtually)

  • Fitness classes where both the body and mind are exercised (offered in-person and/or virtually)

  • Music Lessons for anyone to learn a new instrument and/or enhance their music skills (offered in-person and/or virtually)

  • Venue Rentals for any event including meetings, birthday parties, weddings and more.

  • DJ Services from a very experienced emcee/DJ who can play at any kind of event!

Below we share all the details for the additional programs and services we offer.



ZMI Foundation Workshops are designed to teach educators, professionals, and more about different topics to develop their skills. Our ongoing dedication to individual excellence, social-emotional growth, dignity, and leadership via self-empowerment sets us apart as we seek to be one of the most comprehensive programs in Queens, NY.



All of the workshops are taught by our trained professionals and are available in English and Spanish with the help of our translator. The workshops are held in-person and/or online through Zoom. We work with different organizations to provide fun and informational discussions and activities on the following topics:


  • Accountability and Effective Communication in the Workplace

  • Black-Belt Parenting Skills

  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem in your Child

  • Bully Prevention

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Conflict Resolution and Anger Management

  • Diversity and Tolerance

  • Group Cohesion and Team Building

  • How to be Positive When the World Looks Bleak

  • Leadership

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Self-Defense/TaeKwonDo Training

  • Stress Management